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Cut calories the natural way

20% less calories at mealtimes

Gets to work in 1 hour

100% plant based ingredients

Manufactured in the USA

Don't just take our word for it!

I've tried everything and this actually works! No side effects and I've lost 4 lb in just a few weeks.

Ashlea, 39

An absolutely amazing product. In just over a month I’ve lost 16 lb.

Shane, 49
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I’ve lost 7 lb and dropped a dress size by cutting out pre-dinner snacking and eating lighter lunches.

Vanessa, 38

My portions are smaller, I have more energy and I can see my body changing. I am so impressed, and so is my husband…

Debbie, 56

I just love these little gems. I have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks and eat less. Thank you so much.

Gaylene, 53

I’m 4 lb lighter and tougher in the face of sugary, convenient temptation.

Sandi, 54

I’ve lost 13 lb and am making better food choices based on what’s right for me, not how hungry I feel.

Suzanne, 44

Reduce calorie intake by 20%.

  • A 100% plant-based weight management supplement
  • Scientifically shown to cut calories at meal or snack time
  • Say hello to hops flower - our clean, green New Zealand sourced active ingredient
  • No stimulants. No fillers. Caffeine free
How calocurb works?

Plant power that works in an hour.

  • Feel it fast - reduced calorie intake in less than one hour
  • Activates a natural biological response, a 'stop eating' signal from the gut to the brain
  • A helping hand from hops! Supporting better food choices like fewer snacks and proper portions at mealtimes
  • Super science packed into a USA made capsule
See calocurb in action

Clean, green and chemical free.

  • All natural and proud! Just the finest hops flower, canola oil and rosemary
  • 100% plant based, vegetarian, vegan and GMO free
  • Like nature's hand break on you appetite
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leaf hop leaf hop leaf hop leaf

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