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The Bitter Breakthrough

It all starts with special enteroendocrine cells in the gut that sense the chemical make-up of food and tell the body how to react. 'The bitter brake', a natural evolutionary mechanism, occurs when bitter compounds interact with enteroendocrine cells, which then release a satiety hormone - a kind of 'stop-eating signal' for the brain.

An evolution solution

Because early hunter-gatherers were constantly eating new and different plants, our bodies developed a few ways to detect and react to potentially dangerous foods. When it comes to bitter foods, taste is the first line of defence, followed by 'the bitter brake'. You can think of calocurb as mimicking a potentially dangerous, bitter plant – without all the danger of course.

The bitter bullseye

Calocurb's bitter compounds work best when delivered to the part of the gut with the most enteroendocrine cells. The bullseye is the duodenum, just past the stomach in the small intestine. Calocurb's USA made, delayed-release capsule releases at just the right spot to activate the 'stop-eating signal' and trigger a feeling of fullness within an hour.

Creating calocurb

Calocurb is the result of 8 years of research by a team at Plant & Food Research (New Zealand's largest research institute). The team screened more than 900 bitter plants and completed a gold-standard clinical study with a specific New Zealand hops flower, proving it's power to activate 'the bitter brake'. 

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Living our values

So you’ve read what we’ve got to say, here’s how we walk the talk.

100% plant based

No nasty synthetics inside our capsules.

Natural NZ botanicals

Hops extract grown in clean, green New Zealand.

Vegan / Vegetarian

There are no animal derivatives in calocurb.


We believe in using the integrity of natural ingredients only


We stand for quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufactured in the USA

Using home grown technology.

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